Aura wiki
Aura W.

name: Aura Welsin
Age: 27
Race: Anthmin
Kills: 0
Deaths: 0

Aura Welsin is an Anthmin fox mage, who serves as a medical nurse at a U.U.S.F. Titan, she is one of the more important characters to the whole universe of the UUSF. She is was born as a claric mage and she continues to use her powers to heal mortally damaged agents, even though there are other times when she uses chemical medicine, though at plenty of times she uses basic treatments for less fatal issues. Aura was born on Anphino and was one of the many Anthmins to witness the governments reveal to the Anthmin population. Aura is one of the billions of female Anthmins that are completely pacifistic.


Aura was born in the fox clan of Arcane on Anphino to a Human Father and Anthmin mother, she has most of her mother's looks and often reminds people of her, she was raised by her parents with two brothers and two sisters, she often argues with her siblings but she tends to defend them when others insult or comment about them. She with all the other Anthmins in her clan were forced to live with other tribes during the MTC's assault, though like everyone else, she enjoyed the new friends she met and the people she saw.


Aura is easily scared though often tends to be brave at needed moments. She is often kind to other creatures and people and is quite smart and clever when it comes to fast paced situations. She has a very specific fondness for humans and finds their physical features attractive. She often acts sisterly with her friends and family and encourages adorable immature behavior with children and often attempts to do the right thing when it comes to assisting others. Aura is a pacifist and dislikes the ideas of war, but she is reasonable and understands that the cruel nature of the militaries are for the benefits of everyone and she is well aware of the peace and success that it brought. Aura is in a relationship with the UUSF agent Eric Walker and she has high affection for him. Aura understands that Walker has been in a corrupt system that treated him unfairly, (mainly because she was in the same scenario with the Anthmin council before the governments intervened.) The two often argue about ethics and the thought of what was needed or not, however Eric seems to follow Aura anyways despite his alternative beliefs.