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the list of the following is the governments that control the universe and the infinite parallel universes around it.


Guess wiki

The government that started it all. U.U.S.F. stands for United Universes Special Forces. the UUSF consists of all alien species. They are one of the only two governments that traverse to alternate universes and either conquers or allies with the inhabitants of said universes.

government type [Republic autocracy mix]

goals "To maintain liberty and protect the people of the multiverse"


MTC wiki

The MTC is a more assertive faction than its brother government (UUSF). The M.T.C. stands for Multiversal Total Control. As the UUSF makes peace with the inhabitants of these alternate universes, the M.T.C. is more of the judicial force that conquers alternate universes that are controlled by corrupted/illegal members.

government type [Military autocracy]

goals "Peace by any means necessary"


Control wiki

Control is a more, biological government, for they handle the more chemical and biological weapons and biohazardous diseases in their multiversal travels.

government type [Republic autocracy mix]

goals "To keep the multiverse clean of hazardous viruses and to evolve the masses."


Resistance wiki

The Resistance is one of the more rebellious governments of the universe, they are not in allegiance with any of the more popular governments, though they do often work with them in common scenarios.

government type [Mobocracy]

goals "Maintain liberty even if by Anarchy."


Hive wiki

The Hive is an alien born government that souls purpose is to "Maintain the mantle of our ancestors." They ally themselves with the multiversal governments and assist them on their usual invasions.

government type [Monarchy autocracy]

goals "The progress of evolution and to maintain the Mantle."

the Red Vector allianceEdit

Rvector wiki

The red vector is government that specializes in mineralization of the more powerful elements that are more desired by the larger companies. Red vector mines and sells powerful minerals/materials such as Uranium, Eridium, Redetanium and Adamantium.

government type [Republic aristocracy]

goals "The pursuit of profit and capitalism of technological advancement."


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