the following text is the history of the u.u.s.f. and the author feels that it could be our possible future if the earth in this universe is not careful.


In 2044 the president of all countries have been elected, and that's when everything took a turn for the worst.

The american president became greedy and self righteous. The president of Russia was bitter and spiteful. The president of China became agitated and corrupt. The American branch sought to control the earth and became more of a dictatorship, and Russia felt nothing but intimidation and defensive, as China felt threatened and insulted. It all led to the same results...World War III .


No one was remotely close to winning and the majority of the planets life was vaporized or poisoned. Everyone at the time was tricked and taught to need a leader the human population became dependent on leaders and directions. There were two people at the time who were immune to the uranium poisoning [redacted names]. The survivors asked for nothing but guidance and leadership from the two and [Data expunged], at the time, told them to just survive as long as they can and until he comes back the survivors were on their own.

After 5 months of near death and suffering, the Humans on earth (now more independent and no longer defenseless) all gathered together and met up with [data expunged] again who had come up with a plan for survival. Earth was poisoned and killed, but technology and the immense quantity of space wasn't. With sleepless shifts of work and construction, humanity all worked together to construct long lasting space vehicles and technology in hopes of finding a planet that could support human life.

After the completion of large space crafts that could hold the hundreds of thousands of humans that were left, they immediately aimed for space the were four space crafts, two belonged to [redacted] and two belonged to [redacted]. During their long journey through the void, and using data collected by astronomers before the war. The humans found two planets closest to earth that could support human life just as earth did. One planet was called Terra and the other Baron.

New Hope:(2054-2105)Edit

The humans met the Brosk and Sorons and (Due to humanities desperation for survival Causing them to trust their neighboring aliens) it did not take long for the three to get along and unite. The humans and Sorons eventually started a benevolent dictatorship government called the United.Allies.Special.Forces. and the humans and Brosk eventually started an autarch government of their own, that was called the Universal.Total.Control. and eventually the U.A.S.F. started to recieve alien followers from the U.T.C. and   vice-versa. The UASF and UTC were nothing but successful, the two were successful and inspirational, and caused an after effect of multiple dictatorships to start as well. Some survived and thrived, others had fallen and never returned. Since the leaders are practically immortal and extremely intelligent it was mere months before the humans, sorons and brosk started to venture further out into space.

Though the Sorons were skeptical about the humans and were more than aware of their planets demise, but they trusted the humans proclaiming that they could be useful allies. As for the Brosk, they were also aware of Earth's destruction, though they did seem to care about the risk of trusting the humans and were more interested in gaining new allies as well. The Humans were bitter and angry about their planets loss, but it became utterly clear to them when they saw their home destroyed and others still standing, Humans were not political nor peaceful but instead (with the help of the other two races), Were considered as a race of mercenaries and assassins.

The Galactic War: (2220-2305)Edit

Eventually the U.A.S.F. and U.T.C. found another planet far from their galaxy that could support life as well, called Goron. The Humans and Sorons were the first to greet the new alien life called Insectoids and Arachnoids. But the inhabitants of the planet seemed already familiar with the rest of the aliens that inhabit the universe around them, explaining that they observed many planets and their people as their race continued. The humans and Insectoids/Arachnoids were immediately against each other but with due time got along (Most likely due to the exchange of culture and technology). The three alien races traded information and ideas about technology and they eventually landed a prototype of a device that could replicate organic matter, and prevent premature permanent death (the respawn machine). The government that the Insectoids and Arachnoids worked for was called the Hive, and the Hive and U.A.S.F./U.T.C got along perfectly.

The current king of the Hive eventually went missing, and war was declared between the Hive and U.A.S.F. by the new king an Insectoid/Arachnoid hybrid called Octus. After 10 years of war it eventually ended with the death of Octus, and evidence of him assassinating the original king was found as well as the evidence of his plans to control the universe. As there was a large revolt of the Insectoids and Arachnoids against the hive government, later it was discovered that the hive military had no intentions of what Octus desired and multiple officials of the government actually argued against him and his plans.

Eventually the Hive regained trust of the other governments and became more populated and one of the most powerful military in the universe. The Hive was determined to be a government of advance combat training and assistance as well as one of honor and integrity. The hive, after the death of Octus elected a new leader for the government, an Insectoid/Arachnoid hybrid named Drall. Afterwards the hive became more advance and greater allies to the humans, and eventually started to trade combat skills and technology, the respawn machine was funded more and millions were made and quadrillions of lives were saved thanks to the Hive and U.A.S.F./U.T.C. uniting.

Mineralization and Redetanium: (2310-2315)Edit

A couple of years have passed and the governments found a strange element on the planets Baron and Helios, the element was called Redetanium. It was called so due to its bright red glowing color. Redetanium is a powerful mineral found on few planets, though the planets that have it often are full of it. Redetanium is extremely powerful, a pound can power the west side of america for a month, though it is extremely hazardous (worse than uranium). an ounce can change the atomic structure of many different things, side effects include: disintegration, dehydration, abnormal mutation, physical mutation, dementia, atomic structural change, heart replication, organ replication, body replication, extra limbs, extra heads, body odor, heart failure, brain failure, cell replication, cell disintegration and/or even death. The mineral is so powerful and radioactive that a whole new government has been created to deal with the abnormal mineral (the Red vector alliance)

The Heldrone uprising: (2320-2330)Edit

After 7 years of war, the Heldrones and Sorons were stopped by the U.U.S.F., the Humans joined the Heldrones and allowed their government to become official, as the Soron government was declared corrupted and needed to be terminated. The humans ended the war and the Soron government, eventually the Sorons migrated to other governments such as the U.U.S.F. and M.T.C., and even governments such as the Heldrone Resistance (due to that fact that the war was started by the Soron government officials, not by the Soron civilians of said government). After the war, tension between the Sorons and Heldrones eventually died out and overall ended.

The Tyrak virus and infection: (2320-2350) Edit

later the years the governments found a planet, when they sent expedition agents very few returned. The planet was full of abominable creatures that infect and spread, and that reanimated dead corpses and mutates them to their need. The virus would begin on a live host, it will weaken the host cause the host to be more tired and depressed, eventually it will spawn dementia and schizophrenia, and the virus will then cause the victim to have severe blood clots and eventually kill the host, then the host will be reanimated within 25 minutes and become a walking mutated, rotting corpse, and as the virus incubates in its host, the host will mutate to what the virus desires. Eventually the abnormal plague was found on other non-origin planets that have abnormal biomes such as constant winter, or complete deserts or even a planet of a rusted metallic junkyard. Later the time the governments had a name for this virus, the Tyraks

After the virus has spread wide and strong, a man named Charleston started a program called the control initiative. As the control initiative succeeded on maintaining the virus, it eventually became a government of its own called Control. The Control government had more strict laws but the civilians that joined either didnt care, or hated their chances of becoming a walking husk of a corpse. The control becoming a government had many benefits to all, because of its funding the government managed to create a chemical that repels the Tyraks, and with a strong enough dose can kill an infected. The control government had Charleston as the Autarch of the indisputable government and military.

Multiversal discovery: (2360-2380) Edit

After the war, the Hive and U.A.S.F. started to focus on other ideas and began to explore more than just their universe, the multiverse. the U.A.S.F., U.T.C. and hive started to construct multiversal portal devices. Eventually after a decade of work the governments managed to construct large space born portals that can lead to alternative universes. This became a popular thing as they made more and more portal devices. The U.A.S.F. and U.T.C. were left to handle these alternate universes, causing them to change their names to; the United.Universes.Special.Forces and The Multiversal.Total.Control and the two began to use a system on the other universes. the government will deploy agents disguised as civilians of said universe, and after the government receives 96.4% of the inhabitants trust, the government will reveal its self to the universe inhabitants and open a door of possibilities for the inhabitants.

As the Hive was merely meant to be reinforcement if required. The military became useful when needed, and agrees to join invasions only for two reasons. "To find profit and purpose for the government of highly trained assassins and warriors and to aid any military originating from or away from our universe that requires our need". Or to find a military that was considered "the greatest warriors to exist" and challenge their military against the Hive's for a large combat and to see if they deserve the mantle to be called "the greatest warriors to exist", so far no alien government from any universe has been even remotely close to being a challenge for the Hive. The only group to get close to such a title was the race known as the Yautja were actually successful in fighting the Hive until the dispute ended early without a declared winner. The UUSF and MTC even made laws that prohibit multiversal invasion and the rest of the factions were limited by said law.

Arckan remnants and the Ascended: (2385-2410) Edit

After an excavation attempt on planet Baron funded by the MTC and even creating a faction specifically just for these excavation plans and such. A few mining colonies were deployed to Arckan ruins and some of the settlements actually vanished and a new terrorist group was discovered, A group of extremists calling themselves the Brotherhood and later named the Brotherhood of Chaos by the public. Their claims were that they were given visions of the end that Humanity and their insanity were going to be the demise of all life both synthetic and organic and must be eradicated before it's too late. Ironically the Brotherhood's higher echelon group was called The Ascended and they were strictly Humans, though the hypocrisy did not escape them, they claimed to commit suicide once all other humans have been eliminated and even threaten the construction of bio bombs and the use of alternate universal technology to do the job. It is uncertain what happened to the mining colonists that were of other races, the aliens that are actually apart of the brotherhood now are people who were military rejects and defective Heldrones. A identifier of an Ascended individual is that they have glowing white eyes and power conduits of varying colors burning through their eye sockets and across their bodies. After certain attacks and threats they were labeled as a terrorist cell by all factions and by the majority of the aliens from across the universe and even a few other universes.

The Anthmins: (2510-2550)Edit

later the years the governments found an earth like planet called Anphino, a planet with an abnormal energy signature and a race of primitive, yet sentient creatures called Anthmins. As the governments analyzed the Anthmins, they realised that the Anthmins are extremely closely related to the humans (in disease immunity, life span, and even as descendants of animals). The U.U.S.F. was elected by the other agencies to handle the planet. The UUSF realized that since they had little to no technology that opening to the primitive species as an alien military super power is not such a great idea and instead deployed human agents to the planet since the Humans and Anthmins were practically siblings in comparison to the other alien life in the universe. The Anthmins showed large signs of distrust when they saw the other race, but eventually they began to get along with the Humans.

Seeing the Anthmins agitated few but certain humans. They believed that the anthmins weren't worthy of evolution and declared them lesser, a radical group was made by these people and they called themselves Pure Blood. Often they would attack Anthmins and steal from them, all while believing that its fair due to the Anthmins being physically similar to animals. The Pure Blood group was considered a group of terrorists by most of the governments and desired to be rid of, though they are still active today and in fact growing in popularity, The group is still considered as terrorists and psychopaths. All agents are checked to see if they are apart of the radical group or not, if so will be given an absolute order to stay away from all and any Anthmins.

As they were stationed the humans discovered a phenomenal capability that the Anthmins can do, they discovered that the Anthmins have a genetic power that can allow them to do abnormal things such as summon fire, heal themselves and others telepathically, and use verbal forms of sentences to do all sorts of things. The governments all became interested with this abnormal thing. The governments also discovered that their capabilities are genetically inherited, and can be passed on to other organic life forms of other alien species. The governments began to call this genetic inheritance the Mage gene, because the paranormal powers that the Anthmins have were originally thought to be only possible in folklore fiction.

Eventually the U.U.S.F. was revealed by the humans, and the reaction of fear was present in the Anthmins, just as expected. The majority of the Anthmin race eventually adapted to the new life style and began to bring their phenomenal powers to the immense reaches of space, though the majority still lives on the planet. As for the Pure Blood group, they considered this an opportunity to attack the Anthmins, leading to some of the biggest reasons for the following.

The majority that could not commit violence (or was too stubborn to join any of the militaries) were left defenseless, the governments came up with a solution. They constructed the adoption system (or pet system), agents can adopt anthmins of any age and will be ordered to live with and protect them from the violence that fills the universe, any agent that fails to due so will be court-martial of the military and executed. The reason it was nicknamed the pet system is due to the Anthmins looks and actions, (and since humans were the majority race that usually adopts them) the Anthmins that were adopted were called pets and the agents that adopted them were called protectors.

The Universal War: (2540-2545) Edit

In the year 2550, the UUSF and MTC are in a dispute between powers and are threatening war with each other. However during this year the agents of both militaries were at disputes and were fighting each other already, however this was very indirect to the cold war between the UUSF and MTC, as the two dictators were having their debates, wars were being fought and agents were slaughtering one another, it became so violent and hostile that a few Spectre agents were even killed. After the death of a Spectre named Hernan Jonas, The MTC retreated their troops from the planets they had authority over and allowed the UUSF to attempt a more diplomatic solution, of course this was mainly due to a negotiation between the Autarch of the MTC IZ and his newly employed CFO Dyson. Dyson was seventeen years old and had such a high authority at the time, but his rise to power wasn't over for he used the excess money he had collected from the MTC's burn bank and had constructed his own weapons company called Montauk. Dyson eventually became an adult and was rumored and even accused of still having MTC relations. Dyson claims that his connections had been severed when he started Montauk but the debate still is yet to be concluded.

The Vemos incident and A multiversal invasion: (2560-2564) Edit

Ten years had passed since the universal war and the UUSF and MTC have been political enemies ever since.

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