The list of the following are the inhabitable planets found in the U.U.S.F. universe. The planets are labeled into three categories; Origin, Synthetic, Border.

Border planets are barely sustainable for life but some how has the resources to support it.

Origin planets are home planets for sentient and dominant aliens.

Synthetic planets are planets that have more technology than life, though its still supportive.

planets found in the U.U.S.F.:Edit

  1. EARTH: [BORDER] Earth was the home of the Humans. After world war 3, the nuclear holocaust practically wiped out all life on the planets surface. The planet is observable from space though, so its been used as museum for an example of the danger of corruption. Earth revolves around the sun and does a full revolution taking up to 24 hours.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  2. TERRA: [SYNTHETIC] Terra is the home planet of the sorons and is very populated. The surface has cities so large and full of technology that power conduits can be seen from space. It has very low amount of diseases and poisons and is ultra similar to earth in environment but not flora or fauna wise. The planets atmosphere is oxygen.1 causing the air to be thinner than earth's. The planets weather is majoritly cloudy, but the atmosphere is often muggy, breezy or windy. The grass on the planet is turquoise and/or blue. The planet revolves around a star similar to that of the sun and does a full revolution taking up to 26 hours.
  3. BARON: [BORDER] Baron is the home planet of the Brosk and is not too far from Terra on the celestial map. Baron has a harsh landscape and tough living conditions (this explains why the the Brosk are immune to so many diseases and are larger and stronger than other alien races). The flora on the planet is just as bad as the fauna, both will either (a: kill you) and/or (b: eat you). The Brosk have adapted to the planets environment to the point of using modern day technology[human standards]. As a result of the advance technology, it did not take long for the Brosk to construct guns and space craft vehicles and meet other alien life. Broken vehicles and guns/grenades are very common on the planet. The planet revolves around a star similar to that of the sun and does a full revolution taking up to 8 hours.
  4. GORON: [BORDER] Goron is the home planet of the Insectoids and Arachnoids and is much further away from the star it revolves around. (to the point where; in the middle of a sunny day, you need a winter coat). because of the cold weather the Insectoids and Arachnoids have extremely dense skin. Goron has large deserts of white sand, and rare forests of purple foliage. Goron has lakes and oceans that glow green, though despite its abnormal neon colored looks, the waters atomic structure matches the water on other living planets. The water is a form of natural carbonated water, so its relatively healthy and fizzes like soda. Despite its harsh living standards the planet is more calm in comparison to baron so it is easier to live there because the worst thing to kill you is hypothermia, starvation, dehydration and/or starving animals that will attack on sight. The planet revolves around a star similar to that of the sun and does a full revolution taking up to two earth weeks.
  5. ANPHINO: [ORIGIN] Anphino is the home planet of the Anthmins and is just a little closer to the star it revolves around in comparison to Goron. Anphino is exactly similar to earth except for its inhabitants and plant life. Anphino has a slightly cold atmosphere and its night more often than day so the other animals of the planet evolved instead of the primates. The planet has a strange set of plant life, for instance: there is a specific type of tree similar to the others, except this type of tree can emit a strange form of radiation energy that the mage anthmins can use to increase their powers, and same rules apply to certain types of flowers, roots, crystals, and vines. The strange energy is all over Anphino, because of this rich and alien ray energy, the governments have declared Anphino as a popular planet. The planet revolves around a star similar to the sun and does a full revolution taking up to 22 hours.
  6. HELIOS: [BORDER] Helios is a planet that is similar to Anphino, but a nearby star had a solar flare that was too much full of energy and struck the surface of the planet. The solar flare caused the majority of the planets landscape to drift off into high orbit. Numerous airborne islands float in the high sky on the planet, there for it has received the name Helios. There has been no reports of organic life found on the planets surface, it has been assumed by scientists that any life previously existing on the planet was wiped out due to the solar flare. The islands that float in the sky have enough soil and experience of rain to continue its hold on life, there are numerous trees, grass and other foliage that can be found on the planet's floating islands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  7. LeROY: [SYNTHETIC] LeROY was originally a meteor that did not orbit any planet. It was also used for a tactical advantage, until the Humans and Sorons began to engulf the planet with advance technology, building over city after city until it was the way it is today. Many Humans state that it is "The New York of the universe", most likely due to its major industrialized state of being. Many civilians often live in LeROY, for its ideal list of cities, and lack luster of Contractors and Specters. The planet was founded by the Control government and was named LeROY because of it's previous acronym; League of Radical Operators Yielding destruction. The entire planet was constructed, owned and operated by the Control government, and is monitored by two synthetic moons, Klunk (A junkyard moon that has been used for recycling and waste disposal) and Peace Watcher (A moon base artificially made by Control to monitor its main planet.
  8. KREON: [BORDER] Kreon is the home planet and origin point of the Tyrak virus, originally the planet was discovered to be covered in a strange mist that made the planet appear grey from orbit, but some scientists in the governments theorize that when the scout ships landed on the planet, it potentially disturbed the virus when it was in a state of hibernation, the potential evidence of the Tyraks having this hibernation state is the forty years of the mist slowly dissolving and disappearing just after the scout ships arrival on the planet. After forty years of clearing, the planet is now rich with only three colors that have been identified as the following, purple; the virsus' scab and skin that had thicken during solidification, orange; the fires and explosions being created on the planet as an attempt of calling out for help or cleansing the planet of the virus, and yellow; the strange glowing organs and brains of the virus' more active victims. The planet has been classified as a border and demanded that it was not to be approached by anyone.
  9. ARGON: [BORDER] Argon is a barren like planet that was unable to support life, however the Atlas company had placed dome cities among it's surface hundreds of years ago to cycle oxygen and keep the civilian life stable. But years of abandonment had caused the corporation to lose interest on sustaining life on the wasteland and eventually was an attraction sight for those of the more unusual civilian state or those of uncertain and even shady business markets and other suspicious purchase intent.
  10. VESTIGE: [BORDER] Vestige is a planet found at the edge of the galaxy the Sorons colonized, it has no life support whatsoever and is mostly sand deserts and cold mountains, the name vestige is given to it for its lack of life support and lack of living things. The Soron government theorized that the Hive has a connection tot he planets barren wastelands, though Drall and the more political figures of the Hive admit the planet is like that because of their previous protocol, they refuse to speak any further of what they found or what they took and consumed when they invaded.

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