'the factions and governments have a huge variaty of technology that is extremly advance in dozens of factors.' 


MEDATANIUM: The planets Terra and Baron have a strange, but useful metallic element called Medatanium. This common and durable metal is atomicly made up of mixtures of titanium steel and copper and is deemed as: bullet proof, practically unbreakable, and absorbs explosive damage. Due to its durability and great use, the governments use this powerful substance for construction of: Armor, vehicles, and weapons. There has been a comparison test between medatanium and titanium. medatanium has shown to be just as strong, but slightly heavier and more durable, and since it's more common it has been used for its current purposes. It has the atomic mass of 252.25g and it's periodic symbol is Mdt.

REDATANIUM: The common but powerful mineral, Redatanium, is usually found and mined on Anphino and Baron, but it emits a powerful radiation (classified as Omega radiation) that is so strong, a 10 pound brick can power the western hemisphere of the US for two months, however its so radiated in abnormal energy that when its mined incorrectly it mutates organic and (rarely) synthetic matter within its immediate vicinity. The reason its called redatanium is because the metal emits a glowing red light of energy and has crimson features. The elemental force is abnormal and has traces of arckan energy, so it requires a new government to handle the alien format of the Radiaton. A single pound is worth 500,000 dollars. Becuase of it' unbalanced properties and rarity it cannot be found on the periodic table and it's atomic mass cannot be determined nor calculated.

CHRIONIX: Is a meta substance commonly found on Goron, it has a resistant nature towards plasma and acidic damage and is commonly found just beneath the planets surface, mostly due to the planet being a near flat surface, the metal is dark purple and the Hive (the government who usually mines Chrionix) usually manufactures their armor with it, more specifically in a hexagon shape pattern. It's atmoic mass is 366.76g and it's periodic symbol is Chx.


the guns in the agencies fire either: plasma, miscellaneous things, or a new form of bullets called beddites (a lead and iron mixture).


Hammer and sons is a human weapons manufacturer company that produces mainly bullet weapons and various weapon types. The CEO is named Ted Hammerson, he and his son founded the company and named it after their last names hense the wordplay name; Hammer and sons technology.

V8-Combat rifle: The V8 rifle is a medium ranged rifle that can reach far and plenty. It's often used by military or militia buyers and often is the first suggested weapon when dealing with multiple enemies.

Ammo:40        Type: Beddite

V7-shotgun: The V7 shotgun has a range (that could kill instantly) up to 15 feet and its damage is strong. It's often used for open field and heavy duty combat by military.

Ammo:14        Type: Beddite

X12-plasma pistol: The plasma pistol has a container of pre-made plasma and can fire up to 16 shots before dulling. Its often used for silenced combat and recon missions and at times open field missions.    

Ammo:18          Type: Plasma

X7-sniper rifle: The X9 has an immense range, deflective beddites, a thin beddite structure and has a bolt-action feature, it can fire 3 shots before you have to reload the bolt-action chamber. Its often used for recon missions.

Bolt-action chamber: 3        Ammo: 12     Type: Beddites

V16-Pistol: the V16 is a powerful pistol often used for natural open field combat.

Ammo: 25          Type: beddites 

Chain-gun: The chain gun is a more heavy ammo based weapon and is used for open field and quick paced and heavy duty missions.

Ammo: 80         Type: beddites

X9 Rocket launcher: The X9 is a heavy rocket launcher that can fire more than common launchers. Its often used for heavy duty missions.

Shots: 1            Ammo: 3         Type: Explosive


King of wars is a Hive weapons manufacturer and is often full of plasmid and plasmid like weapons. Their CEO is a man by the name of Algar Ulak and it's company name is a pun on it's monarchy appearing dictatorship.

Stinger rifle: The basic and most sleek weapon of the company's line, the Stinger rifle is named for the plasmid needles the gun fires, the plasmid needles have an immense amount of time before dissipating over corrosion and is often used for execution. However, plenty of agents have used its long lasting needles as a method of climbing or capturing things that are needed alive, though the needles are made of plasma, they are still weak when it comes to damage and are often suggested to fire multiple shots rather than an average few such as an assault rifle or pistol.

Pincer rifle: The pincer rifle is an average combat rifle used by the Hive and other government members. +


the medical technology in the u.u.s.f. are extremely fascinating.

MED-INJECTORS: Due to the incredible liquid substances found on anphino and goron, the u.u.s.f./m.t.c. managed to create a phenomenal medicine that (once makes physical contact with either the wound or the entrails of said person) causes all regenerating hormones and cells to octuple in process and causes immediate regeneration. However this is a chemical, it is not natural and needs to be made and the process of making it is complicated, and it only heals wounds and internal injuries (Ex:Broken bones and loss of limbs) it can not cure diseases.

V.H.O.N.E: Edit

X medd

A V.h.o.n.e detached from a host

A Vitality Healer and Operating Neural Enhancer is a device originally made by the soron race less than two hundred years ago, it is often acted as an Identification system for agents or higher class civilians, they often sync their V.h.o.n.e's to their cell phone as a mean of being up to date with their health and objectives or even active records, Sorons originally used these devices as a method of restricting the allowance of hackers and even thieves from using equipment of another person without allowance, but eventually protesters demanded the governments to not encourage civilians to go through the painful procedure of having a V.H.O.N.E. and after the request the governments instead made it a contract for agents to sign so they may be tracked or assisted without an operator of any kind.


The governments have all sorts of ways to travel from planet to planet, or universe to universe.

Jumpers: Jumpers are devices that orbit many planets and are often attached to large space shuttles such as the TITAN, or the ZUES. (Once a spacecraft with jumper programming passes through) The device increases the ships engines and railguns it across space by feeding the engines solar flares energy, causing the ship to move at near light speed.


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