the list of the following is the counted for universes found just outside of the u.u.s.f. (warning the list is limited due to the infinite quantity of universes in the multiverse)

[from Alpha-A-01 to Omega-Z-50] the following universes have been given nick names that resemble fictitious (or what we originally thought was fictitious) stories and and tales from novels and movies and video games, universes like Beta-A-01 is exactly like the novel War of the Worlds and even had future events that were similar to the book's story line and outcome, others such as Alpha-A-20 is like the video game inFAMOUS and even have the people from that game in the same universe, so if you ever feel like something isn't real or is just apart of your imagination, do yourself a favor and look around at your position and take a trip through the Multiverse. [!!! NOTE: all agents must check for approval before entering a universe, unless your a field agent or an expedition agent you can not enter without approval !!!]

The following universes are either [Granted] to allow our agents entry at any time [Denied] so no one without authorization is permitted to enter the universe or [Detained] as in the MTC or another government had invaded and successfully subdued all potential threats or issues that bothered the governments too much.

[Note from IZ: Dear agents, you probably wonder why we go to these alternate realities and take over or defend them. That is because of earth, we lost our home, and now we must find a universe just like ours, not rubbish universe such as the mass-effect or grand-theft-auto NO, we need a universe just like ours, we need a universe where it was just like earth, with just humans, and with exact format of technology before WW3, we need a universe that has an earth hell bent on its destruction, just like ours...and we need to save it, for the humans, for our redemption, for our home! FOR A CHANGE!!!

 Code-number-list = nickname [permission]Edit

ALPHA SECTION = (gaming universes):                                                                                          

Alpha-A-01 = U.U.S.F. (universe) [redundant]

Alpha-A-02 = Borderlands (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-03 = KillZone (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-04 = Halo (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-05 = Destiny (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-06 = Portal (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-07 = Half-life (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-08 = Assassins Creed (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-09 = Dead Space (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-10 = TeamFortress (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-11 = Elder scrolls (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-12 = Deus ex (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-13 = the walking dead [varied] (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-14 = left 4 dead (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-15 = Dead rising (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-16 = LittleBigPlanet (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-17 = [prototype] (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-18 = Mass effect (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-19 = Call Of Duty (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-20 = inFAMOUS (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-20(B) = inFAMOUS (universe)(corrupt) [detained]

Alpha-A-21 = No man's sky (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-22 = Divekick (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-23 = Ratchet and Clank (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-24 = LEGO (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-25 = theLASTofUS (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-26 = UNCHARTED (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-27 = BATTLEFIELD (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-28 = Alien swarm (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-29 = MINECRAFT (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-30 = World of Warcraft (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-31 = Gears of War (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-32 = Trials: evolution (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-33 = Terminator (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-34 = OVERWATCH (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-35 = Fable (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-36 = Red dead (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-37 = Resident evil (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-38 = Outlast (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-39 = House of the dead (universe) [granted]

Alpha-A-40 = Jak and Daxter (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-41 = perfect dark (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-42 = Rainbow Six (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-43 = Sly cooper (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-44 = Devil May Cry (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-45 = Dead Island (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-46 = State of decay (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-47 = Mortal Kombat (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-48 = Zombie tycoon (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-49 = Ryse(:son of rome) (universe) [denied]

Alpha-A-50 = Dying light (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-01 = Mirrors edge (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-02 = Arma (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-03 = FarCry (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-04 = Metro (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-05 = Tron (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-06 = [FarCry] Blood Dragon (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-07 = Army of Two (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-08 = Knack (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-09 = Titan-Fall (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-10 = Evolve (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-11 = Prey (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-11(B) = Prey (universe) (alternate history) [granted] [Warning unknown anomalies discovered]

Alpha-B-12 = World of tanks (universe) [denied

Alpha-B-13 = Command & Conquer (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-14 = Peggle (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-15 = CastleCrashers (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-16 = Attack on Titan (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-17 = Contrast (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-18 = The Tales of (xillia/symphonia) (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-19 = Resogun (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-20 = God of War (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-21 = Saints row (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-22 = N+ (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-23 = BLAST-CHAMBER (universe) [detained]

Alpha-B-24 = BlackLight (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-25 = Daylight (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-26 = Warframe (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-27 = Five Nights at Freddy's (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-28 = Loadout (universe) [granted]

Alpha-B-29 = Shadow of Mordor (universe) [denied]

Alpha-B-30 = Batman Arkham (universe) [granted]

Alpha-b-31 = Shantae (universe) [granted]


BETA SECTION = (Literary universes):

Beta-A-01 = War of the Worlds (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-02 = the Hunger Games (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-03 = Game of Thrones (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-04 = The Time Machine (universe) [granted]

Beta-A-05 = Harry Potter (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-06 = Food of the Gods (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-07 = The color purple (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-08 = Altas shrugged (universe) [granted]

Beta-A-09 = Divergent (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-10 = 1984 (universe) [detained]

Beta-A-11 = Lord of the rings (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-12 = Lord of the flies (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-13 = Of mice and Men (universe) [denied]

Beta-A-14 = Fahrenheit 451 (universe) [denied]


GAMMA SECTION = (Comic universes):

Gamma-A-01 = Marvel (universe) [granted]

Gamma-A-02 = DC (universe) [granted

Gamma-A-03 = Archy (universe) [denied]

Gamma-A-04 = Amalgam (universe) [denied]

Gamma-A-05 = TheWalkingDead (universe) [denied]

Gamma-A-06 = Powers (universe) [denied]


DELTA SECTION = (Web universes):

Delta-A-01 = S.C.P (universe) [granted]

Delta-A-02 = RedvsBlue (universe) [granted]

Delta-A-03 = creepypasta (universe) [granted]

Delta-A-04 = pennyarcade (universe) [denied]

Delta-A-05 = Homestarrunner (universe) [denied]

Delta-A-05 = Nerfnow (universe) [denied]


EPSILON SECTION = (Anime universes):

Epsilon-A-01 = DragonballZ (universe) [granted]

Epsilon-A-02 = Bleach (universe) [denied]

Epsilon-A-03 = Onepunchman (universe) [granted]

Epsilon-A-04 = Mobpsycho100 (universe) [denied]

Epsilon-A-05 = Koboyashi's dragon maid (universe) [granted]

Epsilon-A-06 = Souleater (universe) [denied]



from:                                          |                              to:

Dr. Jason Daedlas =============================================================== MR.X :

Kappa 4 will not leave me alone about universe Alp-A-13 and proclaims people are watching the survivors. well of course people are watching them,we are watching them. Kappa 4 is a well adjust conspirator, but this is just ridiculous.                                                                                             ____________________________________________________________________________________

agent: Alpha-3===============================================================Everyone!!!:

Look I don't care how corrupt universe Bet-A-02 is, there is nothing special about them so just stop asking to help them. What happens there stays there. So unless its needed just leave them alone! And stop whining about it to me, I have to file this info!!!!


agent: Davis Kallon=====================================================all expedition agents:

If you are wondering why you look like the inhabitants of universe Alp-A-24 when you enter said universe, that is because your atomic structure needs to fit that of the universes need and such, so if you look like a blocky person don't wonder and don't b!#$& about it to me.


Dr. Stephen Krieg==================================================================MR.X:

Mr.X, i truly thank you for allowing universe Alp-A-32 to be accessible...for scientific research! That and [laughs]...they just [laughs louder]...keep failing and bailing and, hitting ceilings its just [laughs]!!!


agent: Alpha-1 =========================================================all expedition agents

No, you cant build a knack like creature in universe Alp-B-08. No you cant use Redetanium as a source of power, and No! You cant take the original Knack, its against multiversal travel policy!!


agent: Delta-4: =========================================================Foreman of Military:

Hey I know that universe Alpha-B-27 is granted, but can you not make us go to that F$%^#ing freak show of a children's restaurant, Me and a few fellow operatives would really appreciate it if you didn't make us monitor the stupid place during off hours, some of the agents say "Freddy" Whoever the F%$# that is and his so called "friends" actually find the hidden surveillance systems and actually break them, plus they're creepy as S#%&, I don't give a F%#% what time of day it is, they're creepy as Hell!


Mr.X ======================================================================== Everyone:

I understand that there are universes that proclaim your religion is false and or meaningless. Example Universes: Alpha-B-18 or Alpha-A-47 or even Alpha-B-20, But I guarantee you agents of undetermined faith, those creatures and beings, whether they are deities or not, are inferior to the much more ominous and ambiguous things at hand, ancient aliens that manifest all powerful weapons, synthetic angels that guard ruins full of advance and unknown technology, and even the being we call "God" as it left it's trail in the multiverse and then some, if they were as powerful as they claimed, then they would've been capable of the following;              

 A:They would've known about us, and our intentions                                                                                              B:They would've known about the Arckans, and their ruins                                                                                   C:They would've been able to stop us,                                                                                                            D:They would be capable of multiversal travel just like the Arckans,                                                            and E:They would know about the Arckans having evidence of and connections to the Actual "God"...or as the Angels and Arckans call it by it's preferred name...Father."


agent: Alpha-1 ============================================================ Special agents:

All agents be advised that some of the inhabitants of universe Alpha-A-20, can be very...different when it comes to their genetic DNA. Just be ready for a giant boulder to be launched at you, or at the very least a smoke missile or even a neon beam...No I'm not pulling your leg, you stupid college dropout! Seriously Bio-terrorists are one of the biggest threats we found in the multiverse, be ready for the worst! One of them actually forced us to commit [level 10] On their freakin' universe, and if you don't know how important that is, than read your Goddamn manuals!

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