Eric Walker
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name: Eric Walker
age: 28
team: UUSF
race: human
kills: 1,000+
deaths: 2

Eric Walker is an agent of the UUSF and is often a mercenary in his off time, he is tenacious and extremely hard to kill, almost as he is stubborn.

Bio: Edit

After spending most of his life working in the military of his universe, Eric felt like his life was full of contradictions and moral ambiguity, his thoughts and feelings were dropped when the MTC arrived and terminated his squadron and enslaved his military faction. After spending two years as a test subject, Eric eventually managed to escape one of the MTC's testing facilities. After three months of evading, Eric was given salvation and a job by members of the UUSF. Eric without hesitation accepted his new job and became an engineering agent.


Eric is more militaristic and is somewhat anarchistic. He often argues with his teammates and mocks them whether they know it or not. He is ignorant and blunt and often has a hatred for most things. Eric often mocks and taunts his enemies when in combat and tends to be sarcastic even when the situation is serious. Eric does however show a strange sense of morality, he will refuse to help certain individuals harm others and is often kind with the strangers he encounters, causing his teammates to make rumors and assume him to have a "soft side".