OXNARD is a contractor who usually works with the M.T.C. and is half-human and half Brosk. he has Russian heritage from his human side (hense his accent).

name: Jaroslav OXNARD    
age: 38
team: N/A
race: human


deaths: 4


Oxnard had grown up on baron with humans and Brosks and due to their destructive and violent nature is most likely the cause of his adore for violence. his father was a Brosk and mother was human, although not much is known about them, Oxnard states his fondness for them even though he talks about them very little to none. Oxnard dislikes Eric Walker and his ideologies but he is however negotiable and will work with him if necessary. Oxnard dislikes Eric's and often have sarcastic remarks to one another even if they're in combat. He was a Stryker agent due to his immense size, strength and endurance, But after an epiphany he became a contractor and fought for whoever paid the most. His mother was and father were Russian and is likely he grew up with them because of his accent.

Personality: Edit

Oxnard is typically quiet and rarely speaks. Half of his vocabulary is Russian and small for speech but he often gains the trust and respect of people because of such. Oxnard has a distinct distrust for the factions though his reasons why are unknown. He often fights with heavy weaponry and armament And usually relies on brute force to complete his objectives.