Mr.X is an unknown man with an unknown origin. He is the dictator of the UUSF and only sibling to IZ. Mr.X is an omnipotent being that can Bend reality and make fantasy. Mr.X has a huge fondness in meeting new people and enjoys his conversations with them. Mr.X is very fond of the mercenary Wubbzler and his ideas, though no one knows why.

name:       Mr.X
age: [Redacted]
team: U.U.S.F.
Race: ???
Kills: ???



Mr.X was born in [???] on [???]. He was raised during medieval times and grew up with a heavy belief of his faith and religion, him having the christian attitude of forgive and forget gave him great opportunities to create peace between nations and militaries that he eventually directed. He grew up to be a well experienced inventor. After [WW3] mr.X erased all data that existed of him at the time and began to wear a grey blank smoked visor covering his entire face. Mr.X (along with his brother IZ) inspired mankind to construct ship that can lead to new planets and new possibilities of survival. After meeting the Sorons mr.X began to direct a government called the United Aliens Special forces, including humans brosk and sorons. After the Hive war and the discovery of alternate universes, mr.X eventually changed the name of his government to; The United Universes Special Forces. Mr.X's desire for the infinite alternate universes is to find it's inhabitants and bring peace for them all. The majority of the government's problems is the MTC, which invades alternate universes and controls them without warning or second chance. Although they also protect the civillians, the MTC tends to execute or capture the universes world leaders, leading to large arguments between mr.X and IZ. Mr.X still leads the UUSF greeting, uniting and saving alternate universes and bringing peace for it's inhabitants.


Mr.X enjoys having civil conversation and adores speaking to the more kind and gentle people. He shows little interest in speaking to his brother and detests his intentions and military. Mr.X seems to be fond of all alien life and enjoys his peace making with alternate universe governments. Mr.X seems to enjoy the Contractor Wubbzler and his overall actions and hopes, Mr.X states that though Wubbzler can be questionable in morality and intentions, he is actually trying to save as much people as he can and teach them what they need to know in the process on how to survive. Mr.X loves the idea of complex puzzles and enjoys a challenge, though he very rarely finds one. Mr.X is against blasphemy due to his christian nature, but tolorates other peoples beliefs and simply hopes that they make the correct choice in their morality not their religion.