Protocol is what's absolutely necessary in the military and other government branches in all of the governments. Often protocol is divided into ten levels of urgency.

Protocol requires all agents to focus their attention on the following: powerful Bio-Terrorists, Black light infected, ancient alien warlords, rogue agents of original universe, Etc.

Level of importance: Edit

Level 1: Everything is at natural state.

Level 2: Something of interest is occurring and requires not much attention.

Level 3: a subject of interest is committing harm or worse to large group members.

Level 4: The subject of interest is committing an act of felony or worse that can effect and/or harm the civilization(s) associated with said subject.

Level 5: The subject is continuing the act and refuses to recede and shows intentions to spread harm to other faction civilizations.

Level 6: The subject is devastating civilizations without intentions of end but has antagonist members attempting to stop subject.

Level 7: Subject has little members of retaliation and grows stronger with power/control.

Level 8: Subject has eliminated all members of resistance and has revealed abnormal powers that could be potential threat to all members of subject's universe.

Level 9: Subject has intentions of traveling to planets and conquering civilizations across space.

Level 10: All members of Subjects universe are incapable of stopping Subject, forcing Subject to be terminated at all cost.

Actions required upon levels: Edit

Level 1: Check in on rare basis

Level 2: Check in to observe possible repeated activity.

Level 3: Occasionally view the area or subject at least once every two months.

Level 4: Send in covert agents to spy the premises of the subject every so often.

Level 5: Send in agents in disguise to gain as much intelligence as wanted or required from the subjects general contacts.

Level 6: Send in agents with constant radio contact and gain as much intelligence as required from current or frequent contacts.

Level 7: Send in agents to play minor or non observable roles in the effected lives of the subject to keep current and up to date intelligence.

Level 8: Send in agents in true form to comfort, heal or reanimate the individuals effected by the subject's actions

Level 9: Order the assistance of Contractors and Spectres to subdue or eliminate the subject if required.

Level 10: Inform the subject of the billions of lives that He/She/It will end if they do not recede in actions. [Note; if they do not comply with level 10 orders, proceed to disintegrate the planet(s) and destroy the subjects only chance of survival.]