General Raul, Roland, is a high ranking agent in the U.U.S.F. Military, he is presumed insane by most of his allies and assumed worse by his enemies. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 42, but it is unaware by the doctors if it had already set in.

Name: Roland
Age: 52
Race: Human
Team: UUSF
Kills: 80,000,000+
Deaths: 0


Roland was born and raised on planet Baron, where he lived till his twenties and met his only friend on the planet, Strickland who was only 16 at the time. Roland then taught Strickland how to fight and survive at a young and early age. Roland in his late Twenties, was sent to LeROY by Strickland's mother with Strickland to live better lives, though it was redundant when the two were caught up in a gang war. After the gang war Roland and Strickland eventually moved out of the gang life and found jobs as agents for different military's.

As Strickland joined the U.U.S.F., Roland joined Red Vector and quickly rise through the ranks. After a year of being a lieutenant, a Red vector general by the name of Rex was agitated at Roland's success and continuous arguments with him. In an illegal action of disposing Roland, Rex ordered Roland to escort a team of failed or criminal rookies to be executed by hidden recon snipers. Roland, who was unaware of Rex's betrayal, Was sniped in the throat and left to bleed out, afterwards of which Roland declared vengeance on Rex and the members who assisted him.

Roland, in a thirst for revenge, Made a goal for himself to find an ancient arckan weapon called "The Vader". Knowing that it would replenish the Redetanium supply and would anger Rex in the process. Roland joined three other contractors after his court martial and began to search for the Vader.