Colonel Thaddeus Strickland is a former u.u.s.f. agent. He lived on baron for most of his childhood where he learned to fight, Eventually he was sent LeROY by his mother and father where he was caught up in an urban gang war, when the military offered him a way out of the violent gang life he took it.               

Thaddeus Strickland
name:   strickland
age: 44
race: human
kills: 2,000,000,000+
deaths: 1


After growing up to the age of 16 on planet Baron with his older and only friend Roland and his ill mother, Strickland's mother sent him with Roland to planet LeROY to live with Strickland's father and learn how to behave like civilized people and in an attempt to grow up in a less hazardous environment, Though it was redundant due to the fact that the two were swept up in a gang war, where Strickland, Roland and Strickland's father had succeeded in the process. After wards of which, Strickland was offered a job by charleston who saw potential in his combat skills which he had learned at a young age on Baron. Eventually he immigrated the U.U.S.F. territories by help of the local agents. He finally made his decision to work for the U.U.S.F. where he quickly and without issue climbed the ranks. By the age of 24, he reached the ranking of a colonel. He eventually became a lieutenant with Roland (who at the time joined Red Vector) and saved the planet anphino from an attack by the Control. After the invasion was prevented, He and Roland were stationed by their seperate governments to planet Baron where they encountered three contractors and uncovered and ancient arckan weapon designated as "The Vader", which was attempted to be dugged up and used by the Control. Eventually he married an anthmin (mage) named sadra, and he continued to work for the UUSF. At one point strickland went rogue and attempted to stop a multiversal domonin plot constructed by the M.T.C., and though he was successful, he died in the process and did NOT respawn. Trillions and trillions of aliens through out the multiverse theorized what happened to strickland. Some say he faked his death, others say he hid from the governments in a less popular universe, some say he commited suicide and removed his nano-bots. It is unknown by everyone about what happened to strickland, not even the military dictators and agents know.