The big 20 is a code nam for twenty test subjects that are used for the MTC's Project [Redacted]. The project was meant to create and test regenerative properties, organic polymorphism and cell assimilation. The project had divided itself into four segments with four head researchers leading the individual tests. All test subjects are replication projects from [Redacted] also known as [Patient-0].

Dr. Isaac's Test:Edit

Subject #1: Kowalski, Aiden 

Test: Injecting former prototype chemical [Redacted] 

Results: subject 1 immediately began to shape shift into different forms and began to grow excess limbs, eventually reforming into a final stage holding: 6-Arms, 3-Legs, Head being blended with the torso.

Notes: "This was the same stuff that we collected from Alex Mercer's organic remains, I was really hoping he would do more than become a simple trial and error."

Subject #2: Jordan, Lucas

Test: Injecting former prototype chemical [Redacted] (With Tyrak Venom)

Results: Subject 2 Began to grow insane and manage to shap shift with control, unfortunately using the new skill he escaped.

Notes: N/a

Subject #3: Bright, Kaden

Test: Injecting former prototype chemical [Redacted] (Lighter dose)

Results: Though subject 3 was more than in control of his mind and newly obtained powers, He is incapable of large jumps, pain resistance and full body organic consumption.

Notes: "Close...But not enough..."

Subject #4: [Redacted]

Test: Injecting former prototype chemical [Redacted] (Heavier dose)

Results: [Redacted]

Notes: "We're Never gonna do that [Censored] again!!

Subject #5: [Redacted]

Test: Injecting former prototype chemical [Redacted] (Different injection points)

Results: Subject 5 appears to resist military orders and commands, replying to any question stating, "Zero is rising".

Note: "What the hell is going on with him!?"

[All test will now be conducted by Doctor Clive.]

Dr. Clive's tests: Edit

Subject #6: Cyril, jake

Test: Injection with former prototype chemical [Redacted] (inclusion of cordycep fungi.)

Result: Subject 6 is capable of high acting regeneration and super strength as well as the new form capability to infect and manipulate other organic lifeforms.

Note:"Expunge number 6...We are close to our objective...but not close enough."