The Multiversal Total Control government is a secret alien military that operates and abides to the same rules as the agency of the U.U.S.F. They are considered and used for the law enforcement and political corruption of the multiverse. The M.T.C. is a dictatorship that explores alternate universes and researches the civilization, culture and inhabitants of a single universe, The M.T.C. must await approval from the U.U.S.F. and other governments before they can invade and control said universe. The dictator of the MTC is a presumed immortal man named Isaac [AKA IZ].


In 2097 on planet Baron, the Brosk and the Humans had feelings that the governments of today were inadequate when it came to their law enforcement. A man named Isaac was elected to be a senator for the people on Baron, he demanded that the governments needed to enforce the law more and crackdown on potential criminals of the universe. When the governments refused to satisfy Isaac's demands Isaac became infuriated and united the multitude of bandit clans on Baron, after the five largest clans united they began to traverse the planet and destroy other bandit clans, kill psychopaths and murderers and bring peace to the planet, after they completed and feeling impressed with their progress in the little time that they had, the Brosk and Humans demanded that the united bandit clans legally become a government themselves and be deemed as the Universal Total Control, The governments agreed and allowed their progress to continue as the U.T.C. continues its spread on bringing universal peace through force. When the government was created the civilians and soldiers ordered it to be a dictatorship with Isaac as their leader, once again the governments agreed and allowed them to become a government.

Rise to power: Edit

Because of the multiversal portal projects in 2350, The MTC took advantage of the new array of planets and civilizations, along with the UUSF, the MTC became natural experts of the styles and logistics of alternate universe, because of such; the MTC became one of the most powerful governments in the known multiverse. And ever since then they had the protocol of commanding and conquering alternate universes.

Rules: Edit

The following are the rules for the MTC's society and government.

Criminal acts include: Assault, Murder, Rape, Stealing, check fraud, Insurance fraud, destruction of public property, destruction of civilian property, destruction of private property, Child abuse, Child neglect, Kidnapping, Freeing/harboring test subjects.

Illegal drugs include: meth, Cocaine, Heroin, Nicotine.

Political crimes include: filibuster, claiming inferiority/superiority over any race, attempts to tamper with maximum wage limits or minimum wage limits.

Immigration laws include: Trespassing on military territory without permission or authorization, entering within the borderlands of MTC influence without confrontation/documentation/negotiation with controlling faction, claiming residence of agency without actually negotiating terms with said agents.