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[!Secondary note to all agents or civilians reading these files, recent reports have stated That A group had already pertained the name of the UUSF (a unitarian church to be exact), if any entity that is reading this that is apart of their affiliation, please do accept our apologies and understand the misunderstanding about the agencies name, that and we're too lazy to change the name of all the files so please refer to us as: The U.U.S.F agency, Thank you and have a pleasant eternity!]

Welcome to the U.U.S.F WikiEdit

The UUSF is an alien government military that traverses alternate universes and records, studies or even assists the characters of the alternate universes, the agency is in cooperation with multiple governments, filled with fascinating aliens and equipped with amazing technology.

{!WARNING!} The following data may be potentially true based on the existence of the multiverse theory and its infinite possibilities.