Vic amahee
Vic wiki

name: Vickame Amahee
age: 48
team: UUSF
race: Arachnoid
kills: 1,000+
deaths: 0

Vic Amahee, is an Arachnoid UUSF tactitionist, he was born and raised on LeROY and spent most of his life living with his uncle and father, his father and uncle spoke about which military he should join and they eventually concluded to the UUSF, where he immediately and surely rised through the ranks as he became a corporal, he is often claimed and is seemed as dull and joyless by his teammates but often compensates for his personality as he displays great and smooth movement and violence in combat.


Vic was born to an Arachnoid mother and Human father both of which were agents of the UUSF, by his 8th birthday, his mother was taken by Control and has never been seen since. After that event, Vic's father went through a state of depression where he would drink and ignore his only son, but eventually his brother in law brought him out of the state of depression as he volunteered to stay with the two and help him raise Vic. But by the time Vic was eighteen, the two brothers debated on whether or not he should join the UUSF or Hive, eventually they settled on the UUSF where Vic not only felt at home but made fast friends with unsuspecting people, Vic used his arachnoid body to claim an advantage against the enemies, he uses his top two arms and dual wields two SMG's or Pistols and focuses fire at one enemy at a time, he also uses his lower arms to dual wield plasma blades as he sprints through the field and slays enemies left and right. Vic is still at his corporal rank and had made recent and great friendships with Eric, Michael, Jen and Z, as they all work together in the Codex department of offense.


Vic is usually quiet in his times and virtually never speaks unless spoken to, unlike Eric who speaks at rare times with sarcasm and insult, he also tends to follow suit on Human behavior and nature, though this is most likely due to the Insectoids and Arachnoids overall behavior and personality rather than his UUSF background. Vic has a fondness for smaller creatures (Ex:pets or children) and finds joy in spending his time with them and conversing or even playing.