name: William Arnolds
age: 27
team: UUSF
race: human


deaths: 0

William Arnolds is a UUSF reconnaissaance. He is the only recorded son of Theodore Arnold's and is gifted with great accuracy like his father.                                                  


Growing up on the illegal streets of LeROY, William Arnold's was an orphan and abandoned on the synthetic planet, after joining a gang at the age of six, he grew up with multiple people watching out for him and raising him how they please. At his early teens Will was more gifted when it came to his sight and aiming skills, after training with a slingshot and handmade targets, Will eventually worked his way up to more lethal weapons. After a heist he and his gang failed to complete, Will was captured by the MTC and was being transported as a test subject, but while the ship was on it's way to a testing facility, an accident occurred allowing Will the opportunity to escape, after evading a manhunt by the MTC for two days, Will was offered a job by agents of the UUSF to be a reconnaissance agent for infantry and cover fire purposes. Will accepted without hesitation and was more than ready to serve his new military.

Personality: Edit

Will is considered rather stupid by his comrades and is often made fun of, especially by Alan and Eric. Will has an equal dislike for his teammates though he often agrees with them and works even better when they are on the same squadron. Will often flirts with random women he encounters and often fails when he does so.